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Anthea bothma

I joined the Livfit family 5 years ago (Nov 2012) - the best decision of my life!! I’ve always been part of a gym or trying to stay fit by either walking or taking part in one or other race, but at my pace and time.

I’ve learned a lot about fitness and my body. I just love how my body has changed, but not only physically; my physical strength improved which all resulted in a healthy body and healthy mind too. Through those dark and off days Livfit has been good to me. 

Thank you Olivia Du Plessis for all your help and assistance and most of all the love you have for your job and your FITTIES. Keep up the good work & cheers to the next 100 years.
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Natasha December

I joined livfit April 2017, weighing 89.9kg. The first day I met Olivia I told her exactly what my goal was - no strict diet, cause to me it wasn't just about losing weight but becoming fit and comfortable with my body. Livfit changed my life, in every possible way - I've gained confidence and did workouts I never thought I'm capable of doing. It wasn't always easy but it was definitely worth sweating for! I'm at my best and all thanks to the most amazing trainer I've ever met, Olivia Du Plessis!!! Joining Livfit was the highlight of my year (2017), I'll be forever grateful. Thank you for motivating and believing in me - I'm stronger today cause I didn't quit yesterday.
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Tracy Sedeman

I always used to gym and eat healthy most of the time so I have not gained much weight through my life. I’ve had dedication to exercise for the last 10 years, but have never seen results as with Livfit. The training is so effective and versatile my body never gets used to it. Since I’ve joined in June 2018 I’ve seen amazing results. I have more energy to do things and my endurance has increased.
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Lenique Rhoda

In the 5 years I've been at Livfit , I've never left a session feeling disappointed. While I slacked in terms of sticking to my workout routines, they never have.

What I've achieved at Livfit, is far more than shedding KGS and centimeters - as the brand continues to be concerned with my overall well being.

Each class is a challenge and each trainer at Livfit  always knows exactly how to encourage me, push me, entertain me and distract me.

Thank you for being my sanity!

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Meagan Matthee

I initially joined Olivia and her team just to look better on photos, I never knew that keeping your body fit helps keep your mind fit as well.

Being at Livfit not only changed my body but also it changed the way I look at things. Olivia with her intense workouts helped boost my confidence and pushed me to do things that I believed was way over my limits. This confidence boost reflected at school (I am a teacher) and also in my personal life. I am so much more active at school and in the classroom.  I’ve been with the team for 3years and I'm only moving forward thanks to Olivia and Livfit!

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Nicolette Bosman

I’ve always believed in keeping fit and maintaining a health lifestyle but since having kids it has been difficult to find the time to exercise. Liv has made it possible for me to schedule an appropriate routine, time and place to do what she does best, at a very affordable rate. She always has something different up her sleeve, her routines thus never get boring. I am most impressed with how she takes time to evaluate each person individually and compensates for injuries and each persons fitness level. She is always positive and never much how much we complain, she always pushes us to get the best workout possible. Thanks again Liv, I’m grateful you are a part of my life.