As the creator and driving force behind the LivFit brand, Olivia du Plessis is the embodiment of empowerment through a healthy, active lifestyle. She does this through specially designed targeted personal and group training plans for young and old.


Olivia du Plessis is no stranger to rigorous training regimes having being involved with team sports throughout her schooling career and adult life. Using this background as inspiration she brings that go-getting spirit and knowledge to you. Her commitment to completing her goals is one that she believes anyone can develop and it is this drive that she aims to help her clients find within their own lives. Working with clients, a sense of determination and commitment helps keep her outlook positive and motivated with inspiration found in every session.


Starting from humble beginnings, the local gym is where Olivia realized her passion by assisting others to feel comfortable in their own skin through training and healthy thinking. After obtaining her National Diploma in Sport Management, Olivia branched out on her own to launch Convenient Fitness in 2009. From this foundation the Livfit brand began to develop with group training and weight-loss challenges for men and women expanding the range of training options for both individuals and groups. In addition to her ND, Olivia also successfully completed the 2011 EESA program at Stellenbosch University enhancing her knowledge and fitness expertise even further and also completed nutrition through HFPA in 2016. The LivFit brand accelerated circa 2012 and now the LivFit fitness studio is home to many tenacious fitness fanatics.